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Autumn Moon
"Who's There"
"Ancient Eye"
Stone Fireplace
"The Three Amigos"
"Sean Hannity"
"Rush Limbaugh"

My wall sculptures are inspired by my landscape sculptures, but they are smaller and designed to hang indoors. These miniature extensions of my full- sized pieces have inlays of cooper, mica schist, granite and sometimes birch. Because my larger pieces require weeks of planning, scheduling of trucks, the moving of many tons of stone, and the cooperation of the weather, I started making my mixed media work movable, so I am able to create indoors, year-round. They are also more affordable than my outdoor sculptures, making them accessible to more people. I also design and install my wall sculptures on a larger scale. I have created entire walls of stone, copper, birch, and other media. The perfect environment for these is a reception area in a professional office, or hospital, restaurant or a room in a private residence.



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