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The "Fitting In" Series

This is my new sculptural vision."Fitting In" (IV). It's the sculpture that I propose to do in Marfa, TX. I'm looking for a highly visible piece of land to construct it. I’m trying to create a space that will be enjoyed by the community and visitors. It will be made of reclaimed concrete. There will also be landscaping to enhance the overall space.I will supply the labor and materials.

I'm hoping it will be the fourth in a series that will be constructed around the United States. This is what I love to do! If I can make someone happy, then I'm happy!

Fitting-in-IV.jpg , Marfa Texas, Hector Santos, reclaimed concrete, sculpture, marfa public radio, Ballroom Marfa, National Public Radio,The Big Bend Sentinel, NPR

Please contact me for more details. 802-484-9990

"Fitting In"(I)
Woodstock, VT

Fitting in by Hector Santos

"Fitting In"(II)
Ojai, CA

"Fitting In"(III )
Joshua Tree, CA

Fitting In by Hector Santos
art-queen_statement.jpg, Joshua Tree, Airbnb, hector santos, Marfa Public Radio, NPR, National Public Radio, VPR, Vermont Public Radio
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