This is a project I started at the end of August last year. It's a garage that will look like an English cottage when completed. The stone is from Chester, Vermont. Each stone has been cut, drilled, and split on site. In order to work through a Vermont winter I had to build a tent and install forced hot air heaters. 

 Hector Santos

Vermont Stone Mason, Sculptor, and Stone Artist.

This is my new piece. "The Beginning" It's poured concrete and reclaimed slate roofing shingles. It's available for purchase and viewing at the East End in Woodstock,VT.

"Fitting In" A concrete sculpture with reclaimed slate roof shingles.

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South Woodstock Stone Wall Renovation 

"Fitting In" Stone Sculpture Woodstock, VT

This is what I do when I need instant gratification. 

They are fun and easy to make!

I've been making stone arches for thirty years.

"Urban Pyramid" Reclaimed Concrete and Stone Freeland, WA

Hector Santos reclaimed concrete sculpture

"Urban Pyramid" Reclaimed Concrete and Stone Freeland, WA

"Water and poor craftsmanship are the leading cause of death to stone walls in the United States ."

—Hector Santos

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